Render Pool BLOG

Image Based Lighting (IBL) is a very easy and high-quality simulation of real-world lighting. You can project an environment map onto a virtual sphere that acts as a scene environment. The projected map is used to illuminate the scene and add reflection to the surface of the object. How to Use ProRender’s IBL in Maya

Settings in the System tab allows for control of the basic system behavior. In AMD Radeon ProRender, system settings allow you to select the hardware used for rendering and for settings such as final rendering and preview (viewport render and thumbnail images). For viewport rendering and thumbnails, it’s best to choose a lower-quality setting or

The Common tab in AMD Radeon ProRender is used for setting up your file’s render output. Most of these settings and parameters work exactly like the render engine that comes built into Maya. Please look at the Render settings: Common tab information in Maya’s user documentation for more information. EXR Output Radeon ProRender supports its

Arbitrary Output Variables (AOVs) provide custom render passes for arbitrary shader components. This can be a good way for artists to debug or tweak very fine details of a scene in post processing. There are a variety of elements such as direct and indirect lighting, reflection types, ambient occlusion, and more. These render passes provide