Automate the process of Cloud Rendering with Render Pool Client

An application that automates the entire rendering process
for those who need to create much more

※ Trial use is available for a limited time only to paying users.

Render Pool Client Features

Significantly improves efficiency of high-volume rendering

Render Pool and cloud storage are linked via API to automatically render the specified Maya file.

The rendered files are placed in the specified folder.

Enables simultaneous execution of a large rendering batches at once.

Automatic Scene File Creation

Maya files are automatically converted to RPR files for rendering. 

The Client’s usage of CSV files also allow for detailed customization.

No installation or Setup Required

User’s rendered files are placed in designated cloud storage folders, allowing data to be exchanged between artists without hassle.

Render Pool Client Workflow

Register multiple rendering jobs

Render more scenes at once with ease.

Register a multiple rendering jobs at once for specified Maya or blend files by linking with the API.
Each job renders on Render Pool’s impressive number of servers.

No need for zip compression or browser uploading

Do it all directly on your workstation.

Registration for jobs are set in CSV file format.

You can register jobs, customize render settings, and start rendering all files at once.

You can also make detailed rendering settings using a CSV file.

No need to exchange data manually

Your data is safely stored and easily accessed.

Your rendered files will be automatically unzipped and placed in designated cloud storage, so you can easily share your data without stress.

How to Use the Render Pool Client


This video explains how to install and setup the Render Pool Client on your PC.

CSV Settings

This video explains how to utilize the Render Pool Client using the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

ClientApp's Blender Addon

This video explains how to install and setup the Render Pool Client for Blender Addon.

Maximize your workflow speed – See for yourself

Render Pool Client Supports

Corporate Pricing Options

  • All prices shown above include tax.
  • Render Pool Client charges a rendering fee in addition to the application usage fee. Please purchase rendering points from the Render Pool website in advance.
  • The maximum number of registered queues is the number of queues that can be executed at one time.  Please note that rendering will not be performed after the maximum number of queues.
  • Currently, we offer Enterprise for free for trial use. Please contact us if you would like to try it. Pro and Business Plans are still under development.
  • Please note that the trial period of Enterprise is one month. After this period, it will become a paid subscription.
  • If you use multiple accounts, each account will be charged according to the chosen plan.
  • (Renderer Customization) referenced in the Enterprise Plan refers to setting up a cloud rendering environment with custom builds of Blender and specialized plug-ins.
  • We also can provide VPC for data conversion, synchronization, and data upload/download for cloud rendering  (Please note that not all environments can be supported.)

Questions? Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.