Render Pool BLOG

Render Pool™ utilized for the video production of a very special project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Tokyo National Museum, “Museum of the Future”. Morgenrot Inc. was tasked with rendering certain parts of the 8K video content, utilizing our cloud-based rendering service, Render Pool™. By distributing the rendering jobs across multiple servers, the time

Quebico might be best known internationally as the CG animation studio behind the Netflix CG drama series, RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness (Known in Japan as BIOHAZARD: Infinite Darkness). For that production, the studio utilized the Radeon ProRender rendering engine provided by AMD and Render Pool, a cloud rendering service provided by Morgenrot. We interviewed Tsuyoshi

Morgenrot, inc. (hereafter referred to as “we”) is developing software (scene assembly software) for Render Pool in collaboration with TMS Entertainment, Inc. Therefore, we interviewed two people in charge of the project in June 2020 to introduce our company and TMS Entertainment’s efforts. Mr. Kohei Ito, General Manager, Digital Promotion Office, TMS Entertainment, Inc. Mr.