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Companies love to showcase updates to their flagship rendering engines. Some offer integrations with modeling software, while others maintain their confidence as standalone applications. Either way, there is a variety of rendering software to choose from, and for users on the market for something new, that can make things a bit daunting. Here are some

If you or your studio is looking to add render farm services to your project workflows, it is important to understand how companies provide their rendering services. Depending on the company, render farms services will be designed to fit certain rendering needs better than others. This is the case when choosing a Saas or IaaS

We have talked many times about what cloud-based render farms are and how they can help you maximize productivity and minimize your project’s render time. While there are many options for cloud render farms, many of them are limited by software compatibility. And because the playing field is ever-changing, We are updating last year’s list

With virtual reality (VR) technology fast improving and becoming more popular and affordable, the demand for fully immersive 3D experiences grows greater every year. VR headsets like the Oculus and PlayStation VR are being used not just for entertainment, but for 3D model creation as well. Blender is no exception. Images like HDRI photography are

Recent technological advances have brought us exciting new developments in 3D rendering as application and quality have increased dramatically. Immersive, digital experiences created with real-time 3D rendering software are now nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. And with incremental improvements in modern technology, it is much easier to render 3D images on affordable, personal workstations

As we have mentioned previously, our rendering service has recently added support for Blender 3.0. (with      3.1 compatibility in the worksvv). The 3.0 release provides access to new features as well as a powerful rendering engine overhaul with the Cycles X update. With the accelerated internal speed of the new Cycles engine, we thought it

Mac users often have a tough time when it comes to software accessibility, since many software companies limit availability of their products to Windows or Linux operating systems. For 3D modeling and animation, this can become a critical issue when it comes time to choose rendering software that is Mac compatible. While options have been

With the major update of 3DCG software Blender 3.0, we will start supporting Blender 3.0 in “Render Pool”. Blender 3.0 has many new features such as the renderer CyclesX and AssetBrowser, and the rendering speed with Cycles has been accelerated with this update. We hope you will take this opportunity to use Render Pool together

Just a few months after the initial release of Blender 3.0, we have been graced by the release of Blender 3.1. Keep reading to find out some of the new features, improvements, and upgrades that are definitely worth exploring. A Closer Look at the Blender 3.1 Update As of March 2022, the Blender Foundation has

If you have been keeping up with new trends in technology, NFTs have undoubtedly appeared in your research. We won’t go into depth about them in this article, but in case you are not familiar, non-fungible tokens are unique files or pieces of data that live on a blockchain, able to assign and verify ownership