Cloud rendering service “Render Pool” starts supporting Blender 3.0.

by Render Pool

March 23, 2022

With the major update of 3DCG software Blender 3.0, we will start supporting Blender 3.0 in “Render Pool”.

Blender 3.0 has many new features such as the renderer CyclesX and AssetBrowser, and the rendering speed with Cycles has been accelerated with this update.
We hope you will take this opportunity to use Render Pool together with Blender.

【About Render Pool】
The “Render Pool” enables ultra-fast rendering by utilizing more than 1,000 servers with built-in GPUs in massively parallel operation.
This enables a dramatic reduction in rendering time compared to the many hours it used to take.

When a data file to be rendered is uploaded from a browser, the system automatically performs large-scale parallelization.
Rendering is executed on each server, and the results can be downloaded after completion.
Minimize your rendering time to anyone, anytime, at any scale.

More than 1,000 high-performance servers available
■Minimize rendering time
■RenderPool can easily render more than 1,000 frames of data at a time
Upload to the render pool with a single click.
(We provide client applications that make it easier to use for some production companies, etc.)

Render Pool™ Official Site

【About Morgenrot】
We are a startup whose mission is “to create the infrastructure of digital society with green computing power.
With distributed processing technology at its core, we are building green data centers around the world that utilize renewable energy and surplus power.
We provide optimal solutions to leading-edge companies to create the infrastructure for a digital society that is friendly to people and the earth.