How to use

Cloud rendering using Render Pool

Upload files to the Render Pool with just one click.
Simply use AMD’s Radeon ™ ProRender, a high-performance renderer available for free by AMD to generate files
for the Render Pool.
It is supported Blend file for Blender Cycles.
You can easily render more than 1,000 frames of data at a time. By combining them into a ZIP file,
it is possible to upload tens of thousands of animation frame data at the same time.


All you need to do in order to use the rendering service is to register as a Render Pool user. You can easily register by entering the required items.

Upload your project file with a single click

After registering, log in to Render Pool. Simply click the “File Upload” in the left menu, there, upload your project file directly. Upload your files easily with just one click.


After uploading the project file, let's start rendering. You will be amazed at the incredibly quick rendering speed. You can monitor the status of the job and start, pause, and cancel the job at any time.

Downloading files

Once rendering is complete, you can easily download the rendered frame. Rendered frames are immediately downloadable and accessible, so you don't have to wait for all jobs in a queue to finish.

Renderpool Tutorial

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