HOW TO USE - for Prorender

Render Pool - Prorender Manual

Upload files to Renderpool with just one click.

Simply use AMD’s Radeon™ ProRender, a high performance renderer available for free by AMD to generate files to render on Renderpool. 

You can easily render more than 10,000 frames of data within fraction of time. By combining them into a ZIP file, it is possible to upload thousands of animation frame data at the same time.

Render Pool Quick Manual

①Upload Files

Click [Upload] in the menu, and drop the file to upload.

Upload RPR file or RPRS file.



*If rendering an animation, be sure to consolidate your RPR or RPRS files into a ZIP file.

②Set rendering parameters

Set the rendering parameters and click [Start Rendering].

・Rendering is performed by the settings inside the .blend file except for the following settings below.


-File Format
-Rendering target frame


・For consumption point estimation

The resolution is used only for consumption point estimation and does not overwrite the RPR file settings.

*Parameters are different between Pro Render and Blender Cycles.


Set the rendering parameters and click [Start Rendering].

Each frame is automatically distributed to servers in various locations.

④DL the rendering results

You can check the data that has been rendered by clicking [Rendered file] in the menu.

Download the rendered file from the download mark.

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