Usage Guide - for Chaos V-Ray

Upload, render, download the output

See how Render Pool works for V-Ray Proxy file in Autodesk Maya and upload to

Render Pool from your browser.

Rendering is mostly done with the VRScene file’s settings.

Use a .zip file and it will render with textures, etc.

Render Pool Manual for Chaos V-Ray

Render Pool Tutorial Videos

Chaos V-Ray for Render Pool Video Part 1

How to export V-Ray Proxy Scene

Chaos V-Ray for Render Pool Video Part 2

How to render Chaos V-Ray scene on Render Pool

Render Pool Quick Manual

1. Upload Files

Click Upload in the menu, and drop in the prepared file.

For .zip file that includes V-Ray Proxy Scene


2. Set rendering parameters

Set the rendering parameters and click Start Rendering.

For Chaos V-Ray, rendering uses the settings inside the .blend file, except for the following:

  • Render type
  • Renderer Version
  • Samples
  • File format
  • Rendering target frame

■Estimating point usage

Resolution is only used to estimate the point usage and does not overwrite the Chaos V-Ray file settings.

*Parameters differ for ProRender and Blender Cycles.

3. Rendering

Set the rendering parameters and click Start Rendering.

Each frame is automatically distributed to servers in various locations.

4. Download the rendering results

Click Rendered file in the menu to check the rendered data.
Download the rendered file from the download mark.
You can also download File Output node render pass from GENERATE AOVs .
Add a check for the AOV you want to download.

Preparation on Chaos V-Ray for Maya

1. Autodesk Maya-Render Settings

Before exporting V-Ray Proxy Scene, Please be sure to setup the parameters below


-Render Settings (Resolution, Frame)

-Render Elements/AOV


2. Autodesk Maya-Export Proxy Scene

V-Ray has built-in exporter as V-Ray Proxy Scene which 

exports all textures, scene into a data.


In order to export, click on

V-Ray->Tools->Archive V-Ray Scene


The setting includes option to override camera export 

but please use same camera as you set on render settings


3. Autodesk Maya-Export Proxy Scene-File

After exporting, the file will already be set as Zip file and is ready to be uploaded on Render Pool.


Render Pool introduction video(ProRender ver.)

GPU Rendering Service Render Pool From registration to file upload

Render Pool Demo Reel 2021

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