Render Pool’s prices

Render Pool’s services can be used from the exceptional price of ¢3.0 / GPU / minute. Revolutionizing the price of the rendering industry.

$ 0.03 / GPU・min

Basic GPU : AMD Radeon™ RX 5700XT / Rate=2022.4

Base renderer: ProRender

$ 0.03 / CPU・min

Basic CPU : AMD Ryzen™Threadripper 2920X 12-Core / Rate=2022.4

Base renderer: Blender3.0 Cycles*
*Currently, Blender-Cycles is CPU-rendering. GPU rendering will be supported in July 2022.

*Prices may vary when rendering on a machine with higher specifications than the reference machine, as it can render at a higher speed.
*There is no separate upload/download fee.

*The standard price is ¢ 3 per GPU (CPU).
However, the actual rendering time and price will differ because RenderPool renders at a higher speed by parallelizing multiple CPUs/GPUs.
(Example) Rendering 20 frames on 20 GPUs ¢3/min × (rendering time per frame) 3 min × 20GPU =$1.8

Choose the more economical monthly plan if you use rendering on a daily basis, or the point plan if you want to use it when you need it.


For those who use RenderPool monthly, you can save about 20% off daily rendering than usual.

This is recommended for customers who use rendering on a regular basis.



$ 55 Monthly
  • Credit limit 100,000mrp / Monthly
  • Discount rate 20%
  • Excess points are carried over to the following month


$ 165 Monthly
  • Credit limit 300,000mrp / Monthly
  • Discount rate 20%
  • Excess points are carried over to the following month


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*Credit card billing date variation based on contract date

If you sign a contract on May 15, 2022, the next billing date will be June 15, and the billing date thereafter will be the 15th of each month.

If the contract date is on the 29th, 30th, 31st, or any other month that does not have a billing date, the billing date will be the “last day” of the month, and you will be billed before the date you signed the contract.
The billing date may be earlier or later due to time differences.
*Please contact us if you wish to pay by invoice.

Purchase Points

RenderPool also allows you to purchase points for use as and when you need them.
Since these are prepaid points, you have no need to worry about going over your budget.
If you exceed the limit of your monthly plan, you can still purchase points to use the service.

About Free Trial

Registered users will get about $30 worth of trial points to try Render Pool for free.

Please try it for free first.
For trial use, the rendered output will have a watermark. If you purchase points and render, you will get the output without the watermark.

Please note that if you run out of points when rendering with the trial version, you will not be able to download the rendering even if you purchase additional points. 

Once you purchase points, your trial points will be forfeited.

Estimated consumption points

RenderPool estimates the approximate points consumed when rendering.

Regarding to expected points,Data size,Sampling,Frames.

The points are calculated simply from the three above, and may differ from the actual point consumption depending on the content of the rendering.

For those who want to know the estimated consumption point more accurately, or for those who are going to perform a large-scale rendering, we recommend that you first try rendering with a single frame.

Since the consumption point is proportional to the number of frames and samples, the consumption point can be estimated more accurately.