$ 0.03 per GPU minute

Basic GPU : AMD Radeon™ RX 5700XT

$ 0.03 per CPU minute

Basic CPU : AMD Ryzen™Threadripper 2920X 12-Core

*Prices may vary when rendering with higher specs than those referenced here.
*No separate upload/download fee.
*Standard price is $0.03 per GPU (CPU).
Actual rendering time and price can differ, as Render Pool parallelizes multiple CPUs/GPUs for higher-speed rendering.
Example: Rendering 20 frames on 20 GPUs @$0.03/min. × (time per frame) 3 min. × 20 GPUs = $1.80

Monthly plans save money for frequent users. Or choose a point plan for as-needed rendering.

Monthly plans: For frequent users

Render Pool monthly plans save approximately 20% off daily rendering compared with normal rates. Recommended for everyday and regular users.


$ 55 Monthly
  • Limit: 100,000 MRP*
  • Approx. savings: 20%
  • Excess points are carried over to the following month


$ 165 Monthly
  • Limit: 300,000 MRP*
  • Approx. savings: 20%
  • Excess points are carried over to the following month


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  • Payment methods
  • Security-related issues

*Morgenrot Render Points

Credit card billing is based on the contract signup date.
For example, if you contract on May 15, the next billing date is June 15, and the 15th of each month after that until you cancel.
• If your contract starts on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, and there’s a month without that date (e.g., February), you’ll be billed on the last day of the month and before the contract date.
• Exact billing dates may vary slightly based on time differences.
• Please contact us if you’d like to pay by invoice.

Point Plans: Pay as you go

them when you need them.

Since you’ve paid upfront, there’s no risk of going over budget.

Also, if you exceed your monthly plan’s limit but you still have work to do, you can buy points and top up your account.

Free Trial: Take a test drive

Sign up for a trial and you’ll get $20 worth of trial points to put Render Pool to the test. No commitment, no cost.
• Rendered output during your trial will have a watermark. There is no watermark with paid plans.
Important: If you run out of points when rendering during the trial, you won’t be able to download the output even if you purchase points. Please keep this in mind.
• Any remaining trial points are forfeited when you purchase points.

How point usage is calculated

Render Pool estimates the points to be consumed when rendering.
The estimation is based on factors such as data amount, sampling, and frames. Depending on the content, the estimate may differ from the actual use. Final point usage is calculated based on the actual rendering time.
To understand this more clearly and/or if you’re planning to do large-scale rendering, we recommend that you first try rendering a single frame.
Point usage is proportional to the number of frames and samples to enable more accurate estimation.