Plan comparison

Point system Unlimited rendering plan
Billing Pay-as-you-go Monthly
Renderers Blender Cycles, Eevee / Arnold / ProRender *planned( V-Ray )
Plan, price $1 = 1,500 MRP 4 nodes: $140

8 nodes: $350

12 nodes: $520
Point validity 180 days
Max. frames processed at once 100 4, 8, 12 Varies by plan
Restrictions No Yes

Node limit varies depending on plan 8 GB memory
Possible rendering failure with 2 GB+ of data Speed limit for total 42+ hours rendering per node in past 7 days (automatically lifted)
Upload file formats RPR (ProRender), Blend (Blender), ASS (Arnold), ZIP, 7z (packaged format for those mentioned above)
Upload data volume Up to 15 GB

*Please inquire with us if you need more
Download file formats EXR, Multilayer EXR, PNG, TIFF, MPEG-4 (only for Blender)
Download expiration 7 days
Upload/download Free
Payment Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Invoicing Yes
Email support Yes