Frequently asked questions about our rendering services

About Render Pool

For trial use, the rendered output will have a watermark.
If you purchase points and render, you will get the output without the watermark.
Please note that if you run out of points when rendering with the trial version, you will not be able to download the rendering even if you purchase additional points. 
Once you purchase points, your trial points will be forfeited.

We have top of the line end-to-end data security. Our trusted encryption platform ensures that your data is encrypted frame by frame during the file transfer communication process.

It depends greatly on the data to be rendered. By utilizing a variety of cloud-based GPU rendering servers located around the world, rendering speeds can be over 100 times faster than rendering on a standard local PC.

Your original data and rendered data is stored for one week

The standard upload file size limit is 15Gb, but we can make exceptions in special cases when needed contact us about your project if this might be an issue for you.

We currently support Radeon ProRender plugins(RPR files) and Blender Cycles engine. Please check our software page details on which software is comfirmed supported.



Tutorials are uploaded on the official official YouTube channel. Please see the following video for instructions on how to use the software.



About plans and billing

RenderPool offers both monthly plans and point-of-sale plans. MONTHLY PLANS For those who use RenderPool monthly, you can save about 20% off daily rendering than usual. This is recommended for customers who use rendering on a regular basis. Point Purchase RenderPool uses a point purchase system that allows you to choose the amount you want to use when you need it. This means that you do not have to worry about going over your initial budget. If you exceed the limit of your monthly plan, you can still purchase points to use the service.

Log in to your account and select “Payment History” under “Payments” to view your current plans and payment history. You can compare plans and rates according to your usage, or change your plan at any time.

Variation of credit card billing date based on contract date If you sign a contract on May 15, 2022, your next billing date will be June 15, and the billing date thereafter will be the 15th of each month. If the contract date is on the 29th, 30th, 31st, or any other month that does not have a billing date, the billing date will be the “last day of the month” and will be charged before the date the contract was signed. The billing date may be earlier or later depending on the time difference.

Manage account information

You can change your RenderPool monthly plan at any time by following these steps

1. Log in to RenderPool.
2. Select “Purchase Points” under “Payments”.
3. Select the monthly plan you wish to change.
4. Select “Purchase Subscription”.
5. You will see a message “Are you sure you want to cancel your current subscription? Select “OK”.
6. The plan change is complete.

The registeration complete email could be inside Spam or different folder, Please check the inbox. If you could not find the confirmation email, please contact us

Please contact us and let us know that you wish to cancel your membership. Our representative will contact you shortly. Please note that you will not be able to use your mrp points immediately after you cancel your membership.

The cost will vary depending on the project you upload and the output settings you select; the expected total cost will be displayed in points before you upload the RPR data and begin rendering. Points must be purchased prior to rendering. The expiration date of points depends on the plan: 180 days for point plans and 60 days for monthly plans. The expiration date is calculated from the time of purchase.

Regarding to expected points,Data size,Sampling,Frames. The points are calculated simply from the three above, and may differ from the actual point consumption depending on the content of the rendering.

For those who want to know the estimated consumption point more accurately, or for those who are going to perform a large-scale rendering, we recommend that you first try rendering with a single frame. Since the consumption point is proportional to the number of frames and samples, the consumption point can be estimated more accurately.

There is no cost. You will only be charged during rendering.

In rare cases, TRANSFERRING JOBS and INITIALIZING JOBS may take a long time due to the rendering server conditions or network congestion caused by other users’ usage. This is not a glitch, please wait until rendering starts. Even if you have to wait longer than usual, the points consumed by the rendering are the same as in the normal case.

For blender users

Renderpool currently supports default addons that came with Blender itself. Recommended to render locally without addon enabled before uploading and rendering on RenderPool”

This is a common case when transferring local blend file to another computer. You will need to set the texture path to relative. For setting to Relative, you have two options, place the texture next to blend file and upload as zip file or you can pack the textures into blend file. For more details, you can check the video below.


For more details, you can check the video below

OpenEXR (EXR) and PNG are the current output formats available.

For AMD Radeon™ProRender users

We currently support Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Houdini as ongoing update, as with Autodesk 3dsMax, Unreal Engine, and USD too.

Please check our software page.


AMD Radeon™ Prorender has their own format called “.RPR” and “RPRSB” the project needs to export as RPR file in order to render on Renderpool.


For more check our How to Use Page.



OpenEXR (EXR), Multi-layer EXR, TIFF and PNG are the current output formats available.