Frequently asked questions about our rendering services

Q1. What is the output format after rendering?

OpenEXR (EXR) and PNG are the current output formats available.

Q2. How fast is the render pool?

Using various cloud-based GPU rendering servers installed around the world, the rendering speed is 100 to 1,000 times faster than when rendering on a standard local PC.

Q3. Is my data secure?

We have top of the line end-to-end data security. Our trusted encryption platform ensures that your data is encrypted frame by frame during the file transfer communication process.

Q4. How long is my data stored?

Your original data is stored for one month, and your rendered data is stored for two weeks.

Q5. Will I be charged for uploading files and storing my rendered files?

There is no cost. You will only be charged during rendering.

Q6. How much will I be charged?

Your charges may vary depending on your project and the specific output settings selected. When uploading the RPR data, an approximated estimate of the total cost will be displayed in points prior to the start of the rendering process. Points must be purchased before you can start rendering using Render Pool. Because of the incredible power and speed of the Render Pool GPU network, pricing leans in the user’s favor when compared to building and maintaining your own rendering server and the ongoing costs of electricity associated with that.

Q7. Is there a limit on the size of each file I upload?

The standard upload file size limit is 50Gb, but we can make exceptions in special cases when needed contact us about your project if this might be an issue for you.

Q8. What software is currently supported by Renderpool?

We currently support only Radeon ProRender plugins(RPR files) and Blender Cycles engine.
Please check this URL for details on which software is comfirmed supported.

Q9. Estimated usage points and when actually rendered. Will be consumed a lot

Regarding to expected points,Data size,Sampling,Frames.
The points are calculated simply from the three above, and may differ from the actual point consumption depending on the content of the rendering.
(The amount of points consumed will be calculated from the actual rendering time)

Q10. I'm using a third party add-on in Blender. Does this work with Renderpool?

Renderpool currently supports default addons that came with Blender itself.
Recommended to render locally without addon enabled before uploading and rendering on Renderpool"

Q11. I rendered it in the Renderpool, but it has a pink texture which does not show when rendered locally.

This is a common case when transferring local blend file to another computer. You will need to set the texture path to relative.
For setting to Relative, you have two options, place the texture next to blend file and upload as zip file or you can pack the textures into blend file.
For more details, you can check the video below

Q12. What are the steps for using Renderpool?

We have tutorial uploaded on Renderpool Official Youtube Channel. You can check the video on the link below.

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